Our Three Core Principles

Safety First

Here at 1st Opulence Financial, “Protecting Your Retirement Dreams” isn’t just a tagline or slogan we use to get your attention. We know how hard everyone works to earn money and save money. We don’t want to see anyone lose money because they put their money in a place where they have volatility or risk because of a market downturn.

At 1st Opulence Financial we put the part of our clients money that they can’t afford to risk in a product that will keep their principal and interest protected from loss. They no longer have to worry about whether the market is up or down. No more roller coaster ride, up and down, year after year, only to watch one bad year wipe out half your money.

We believe everyone should keep some of their money in a place where the principal and interest is protected from loss. If you want some of your hard-earned money in a place where the principal and interest is protected, please call us and set a time to meet with one of our representatives and we will be happy to explain your alternatives.

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Reasonable Rate of Return

It is our goal to help you get a reasonable, conservative return on your money over time.  We offer our clients products that not only protect their principal and interest, but also allow them the opportunity to get a reasonable return over time.  A fair assumed rate of return over time can be between 4-7%.

If you’re like most investors you love it when the market rises and you get a big return but you hate when the markets go down and you lose those big returns and sometimes even your principal.  What if you could get some of the ups with none of the downs?  What if you never had to worry about a downturn in the market or a volatile market ever again?  Would you sleep better?  Would you have less stress and money worries?

Call us and set a time with one of our representatives and let them show you how you can have less stress and sleep comfortably at night knowing that your principal and interest is protected.  We will explain everything in detail to make sure this is right and suitable for you.

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Keep It Simple

We understand how complicated it can seem out there trying to figure out what to do with your hard earned money.  We believe in a simple, easy-to-understand approach that will actually help you understand how everything works.  We know that just reading your statement sometimes can be frustrating.  Again, we believe in simplifying things and making it easier to understand.  We do annual client reviews either by phone or in person and we provide you a simple, easy-to-read and understand summary of your accounts.

It is our goal that all our clients have less money stress and sleep better at night knowing the part of their money that they could not do without is in a safer place where the principal and interest is protected.  We can tell you quickly if what we do is suitable for you, and then you can decide if you like it or not.  No pressure, just a simple approach to what can be a complicated decision.

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