Federal Employee Group Life Insurance

Federal Employee Group Life Insurance

Most employees are eligible for FEGLI coverage.  FEGLI provides group term life insurance.  In most cases, if you are a new Federal employee, you are automatically covered by Basic life insurance and your payroll office deducts premiums from your paycheck unless you waive the coverage.  In addition to the Basic, there are three forms of Optional insurance you can elect.

You must have Basic insurance in order to elect any of the options.  Unlike Basic, enrollment in Optional insurance is not automatic — you must take action to elect the options.  The cost of Basic insurance is shared between you and the Government.  You pay 2/3 of the total cost and the Government pays 1/3.  Your age does not affect the cost of Basic insurance.  You pay the full cost of Optional insurance, and the cost depends on your age.  Here you will find a link to the OPM website’s FEGLI calculator: http://www.opm.gov/calculator/worksheet.asp

reviewing federal employee group health insurance

There is important information that each and every Federal Employee must know about the long term costs of their FEGLI insurance.  Please contact us and we will provide you with vital information that will be of importance to you as you reach your retirement time.  Death Claims

We understand that times like this are not easy. Contact our office and we would be glad to help you in the process of getting the documents you need in order to process your claims with the government.

We provide no cost consultations for all Federal Employees.

Through this consultation you will receive a better understanding of your entire benefits package and how each part will affect your retirement.  Analysis will be done on the following items: Survivor Benefits, FERS or CSRS annuities, TSP, FEGLI, Social Security and much more.  This analysis is done by 1st Opulence Financial.  Please fill out the information and fax it back to 1(866)537-1745 and a member of our team (Brian Whitaker) will contact you.

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