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Publications & Forms

The following links will take you to the US Office of Personal Management (OPM) publications and forms to help you in your retirement planning needs. OPM carries the responsibility and oversight for Federal benefits administration.

Benefits Administration Letters (BALs) – On this link you will find the Benefits Administration Letters (BALs) used by the OPM in program administration.  The BALs provide guidance to agencies about the Federal benefits administration.  The link also contains the older Payroll Office Letters and Financial Management Letters used by OPM prior to combining this information with the BALs in 2001.  

Beneficiary Changes – This section is where you will find the forms you will need in order to add or change the beneficiaries on your pension, FEGLI, TSP, final pay check and much more.  

Online Pamphlets – Publications and pamphlets with information about retirement and insurance topics.  

CSRS/FERS Handbook – The April 1998 version of the CSRS and FERS Handbook for Personnel and Payroll Offices.  This document is used to advise Federal agencies about benefits administration.  

Online Forms – The main OPM electronic forms website.

Benefits Officers – A list of the OPM retirement publications of interest to Federal Benefits Officers.

TSP Forms – List of some of the most commonly requested forms for the TSP.

We provide no cost consultations for all Federal Employees.

Through this consultation you will receive a better understanding of your entire benefits package and how each part will affect your retirement.  Analysis will be done on the following items: Survivor Benefits, FERS or CSRS annuities, TSP, FEGLI, Social Security and much more.  This analysis is done by 1st Opulence Financial.  Please fill out the information and fax it back to 1(866)537-1745 and a member of our team (Brian Whitaker) will contact you.

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