Health Insurance

Group Health

We can help your company better understand exactly how the Affordable Care Act will affect you.  Please contact us if you would like clarity on the ACA.  We can obtain quotes from all major carriers for groups 2-50.  We offer products ranging from traditional fully-insured major medical health insurance plans, high deductible health plans (HDHP)/HSA’s, dental, life AD&D, short-term disability, long-term disability and vision.  Section 125/Flexible Spending Account, HRA and Cobra administrative services are also available for your valued employees.

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Dental and Vision

Stand alone group dental and vision benefits are available for all group sizes 2 or more.  These ancillary benefits are becoming more popular with groups as the need for higher deductible plans continue.  Preventive dental and vision checkups can avoid catastrophic claims no longer covered by most major medical health plans.

Individual Health

We work with both Market Place plans as well as Non Marketplace plans.  We can help you better understand the Affordable Care Act and how it may benefit you and your family.  Quotes are available with all major medical individual health carriers.

Long Term Care

Long term care policies can help cover costs incurred during a nursing home stay, assisted living residency, in-home care, informal care, custodial care, care provided in Alzheimer’s facility and hospice care.  Some insurance companies will even pay benefits for care provided by family.  Don’t let the government put a lien on your home and other valuable assets. Talk to us today for additional information.


Between the ages of 35 and 65, seven out of ten workers may suffer a disability lasting three months or longer.  Long-Term Disability protects your family’s income from extended absences due to a disabling condition of long-term duration.  Protect your family’s monthly income by obtaining a disability quote today!

Health Savings Account

HSA Plans available for group and individual coverage.  A qualified high deductible health plan offers low cost premiums that allow the individual to set up atax deferred account at a local bank or financial institution.  An HSA offers favorable tax treatment at tax time.  Money set aside to cover the individual/family high deductible plan will roll over from year to year if unused, and gain interest.  Funds can be invested into many types of funds to gain a greater rate of return.  Individuals own and control their own HSA account.

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